JS Islamic Fund

JS-Islamic Fund aims to grow investor’s capital in the long term in adherence with principles of Shariah compliance as advised by the Shariah Advisory Board (SAB) of this fund while ensuring liquidity. The fund investments are limited to asset classes approved by the Shariah Advisory Board and all companies under investment consideration are regularly screened for Shariah compliance.

Fund Rating

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has assigned a 4-Star fund rating to JS-Islamic Fund, which reflects an average performance relative to its peers. The rating is a composite measure of return and risk.

Fund Description

JS-Islamic Fund is the first Shariah compliant open-end mutual fund of Pakistan, established in 2002. The trustee of the fund is The Central Depository Company (CDC) of Pakistan Limited and it is under the management of JS Investments Limited.
The main focus of the JS-Islamic Fund is to provide an outlet to investors who want ‘Riba-free’ rate of returns. The objective is to provide to investors reasonable concern for safety of capital with an optimum rate of return and the liquidity to join or leave the fund at their convenience.

Investment Strategy

The JS-ISF Fund maintains a diversified portfolio of investments in accordance with the requirements of shariah to provide Riba-free returns.
The fund invests in shares of companies which:

  • Meet the Shariah Compliance criteria
  • Are consistently dividend paying
  • Have growth prospects
  • Are actively traded