JS KSE 30 Index Fund

The main focus of the JS KSE 30 Index Fund is to approximate the performance of the KSE-30 Index, as adjusted for transaction and other costs, by investing in most or all of the common stocks that comprise the KSE-30 Index in proportions in which they are represented in the Index.

Fund Rating

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has assigned a 4-Star fund rating to JS KSE 30 Index Fund, which reflects an average performance relative to its peers. The rating is a composite measure of return and risk.

Fund Description

JS KSE 30 Index Fund is an open-end equity fund divided into units having par value of Rs 100. The fund was launched in 2006. It is under management of JS Investments Limited and the trustee is MCB Financial Services Limited.

Investment Objective and Strategy

The fund invests in the KSE 30 Index stocks in proportion to their weighting in the Index. The strategy is to buy and hold securities, trading only when changes in the index composition occur or when cash flow activities occur or are expected to occur due to purchase and redemption requests.
The strategy of investing in the same stocks as the Index using a passive approach in managing the Fund’s holdings minimizes the need for trading and therefore results in lower transaction expenses.
The fund is permitted to invest upto 15% of its portfolio in various fixed income instruments for liquidity purposes.