Unit Trust of Pakistan

UTP is a balanced fund that aims to preserve and grow investor’s capital in the long term while providing a regular stream of current income on an annual basis. The fund operates a diverse portfolio of equity and fixed income investments whereby the equity component is meant to provide the growth in capital while dividends on the equity component along with the fixed income investments help generate the current income.

A balanced fund is a versatile investment program in a single investment, which enables the investor to achieve diversification and subsequent safety while getting a moderately high rate of return.

Fund Rating

Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has assigned 5-Star fund rating in the Balanced Fund Category to Unit Trust of Pakistan (UTP), which reflects superior performance relative to its peers. The rating is a composite measure of two factors, viz. a) returns, and b) risk associated with the returns measured by Sharpe Ratio.

Fund Description

Unit Trust of Pakistan (UTP) is the first open-end mutual fund in Pakistan’s private sector. UTP was established under a Trust Deed, dated April 26, 1997 and is managed by JS Investments Limited (formerly JS ABAMCO Limited). The trustee of the fund is The Central Depository Company (CDC) of Pakistan Limited. Units have a par value of Rs.100.

Investment Strategy

UTP focuses on preserving the initial capital while providing maximum diversification, along with liquidity, growth and consistent returns. In order to achieve these, the fund invests in three types of high quality assets. These include:

Shares of companies which:
- are consistent dividend paying
- have good growth prospects are actively traded
Debt instruments with good credit rating
Short-term money market instruments