C-OTC: Utility Bill Payments

Jcash allows our valued walk-in customers to pay their monthly non-overdue utility bill related payments at any of our retail agent locations through cash. The currently supported utilities are listed below:

Code Company
TESCO Tribal Electric Supply Company
SEPCO Sukkur Electric Power Company
SCO Special Communcations Organization
RWASA Rawalpindi Water and Sanitation Agency
QESCO Quetta Electric Supply Company
PTCL Vfone Pakistan Telecommuncation Company Ltd Vfone
PESCO Peshawar Electric Supply Company
MWASA Multan Water & Sanitation Agency
LWASA Lahore Water & Sanitation Agency
KWSB Karachi Water & Sanitation Agency
GWASA Gujranwala Water & Sanitation Agency
FWASA Faislabad Water & Sanitation Agency
PTCL Landline Pakistan Telecommunicaion Company Ltd Landline
MEPCO Multan Electric Power Company
GEPCO Gujranwala Electric Supply Company
FESCO Faislabad Electric Supply Company
CDGK City District Government Karachi
BWASA Baloshistan Water & Sanitation Authority


There is no fee for this transaction


All walk-in customers are required to follow the following process:
1. Bring and give the original Utility Bill to the Jcash agent
2. Provide their Mobile Number to receive a payment confirmation, and the requisite amount (non-overdue amount, only)
3. Retail Agent creates the transaction and completes
4. A confirmation SMS is sent to the payer’ Mobile Number