JS GoldFinance

JS Bank offers you the chance to convert your gold ornaments into working capital for your business or investment needs! JS GoldFinance is a unique financing facility that offers term or revolving loan against gold ornaments!

Financing Was Never So Easy!

Simply pledge your gold ornaments with JS Bank and avail financing through a terms loan (up to 3 years) or revolving facility, up to 70% of assessed gold value.

Markup as low as 3M KIBOR + 9% (Floating Rate)

Financing through JS GoldFinance is available at a rate of 3M KIBOR +9%, one of the lowest rates available in the market (inclusive of prompt payment bonus of 2%).

Financing up to Rs. 25 Million!

JS GoldFinance offers financing between Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 25 million, depending upon the amount of gold pledged and the amount of financing requested.

Withdrawal Process

Your gold will remain safe & insured with JS Bank for the duration of the facility, and will be returned to you, if you no longer require the financing facility. Once you have paid off your facility, you may request return of your gold ornaments from the branch, at your convenience.
For more information, please call JS Bank Contact Center at 0800 011-22 or visit any JS Bank branch.

Public Notice – Auction of Gold Ornaments/Valuable

Finance facilities were extended by JS Bank Limited to its customers mentioned below against the security of deposit and pledge of Gold ornaments/valuables. The customers have neglected and failed to repay the finances extended to them by JS Bank Limited along with mark-up thereon and the current outstanding liability of such customers is mentioned below. Notice is hereby given to the under mentioned customers that if payment of the entire outstanding amount of finance along with mark-up is not made by them to JS Bank Limited within 15 days of the publication of this notice, JS Bank Limited shall auction the Gold ornaments/valuables after issuing public notice regarding the date and time of the public auction and the proceeds realized from such auction shall be applied towards the outstanding amount due and payable by the customers to JS Bank Limited. No further public notice shall be issued to call upon the customers to make payment of the outstanding amounts due and payable to JS Bank as mentioned hereunder: Click here to access GoldFinance Auction List.