JS Cash Fund

JS Cash Fund (JS CF) is an open-end ‘Money Market Scheme’ that mainly invests in low risk short-term fixed income instruments including money market instruments to provide a regular return to investors while maintaining high liquidity with minimum downside risk. JS CF also manages to seek preservation of capital, liquidity and competitive yields.

Benefits of Investing

  • Same-day redemption facility available*
  • Better expected returns vis-à-vis bank accounts
  • Low volatility and high liquidity
  • Entitled to tax credit (rebate) under the prevailing tax laws
  • No charges on redemption

Product Summary

  • Fund Name: JS Cash Fund (JS CF)
  • Fund Type & Category: Open End –Money Market Scheme
  • Fund Rating: AA+ (f)*
  • Risk Profile: Extremely Low
  • Benchmark:  70% three (3) months PKRV rates + 30% three (3) months average deposit rate of three (3) “AA” rated scheduled Banks as selected by MUF AP
  • Minimum Investment: 1 unit
  • Front end Load: 1.00%
  • Back end load: Nil
  • Management Fee: 0.50% (Exclusive of SST & FED)
  • Payment Instruction: Cheque or bank draft or pay order, made payable to “MCB FSL Trustee JS Cash Fund”
  • Management Quality Rating: AM2 by JCR-VIS
  • *Rating by JCR-VIS

For more information:

Toll free: 0800-00887

Website: www.jsil.com

Product Page: http://www.jsil.com/details.php?fund_code=24

About JS Investments Limited

JS Investments Limited (JSIL) is a subsidiary of JS Bank Limited, and is the oldest Asset Management Company (established 1995) in Pakistan. JSIL is part of JS Group – one of Pakistan’s most diversified and prestigious financial groups, with a strong presence in the nation’s banking, insurance, brokerage, and asset management sectors.

JS Investments, with its fund management expertise, has become a reliable partner for investors seeking to achieve their financial goals. JSIL has been serving over 40,000 Institutional and Individual investors across the nation for more than 20 years.