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We strive to identify sustainable investments aligning with our values and contributing to climate resilience. Our investment analysis and decision-making process are screened by assessing companies’ performance on ESG standards.

JS Bank, as a distinguished GCF Accredited Entity, is firmly committed to utilizing its capacity to develop innovative financial products that drive positive impact within Pakistan.

JS Bank supports the issuance and investment in green bonds and sustainable debt instruments. These financial products raise capital to fund climate-resilient projects, such as renewable energy initiatives, sustainable infrastructure, and conservation efforts.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we offer comprehensive advisory services to help individuals, businesses, and institutions navigate the complexities associated with sustainable investing and responsible financial decision-making. The ambit of our advisory services covers:

  • Sustainable investment planning
  • Impact investment and reporting
  • ESG integration strategies
  • Green Financing Solutions
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Regulatory and Policy Guidance

At JS Bank, we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to transformation by conducting institutional arrangements, streamlining systems, and shaping robust policies and procedures to solidify our track record of sustainable initiatives.

We hold the Green Climate Fund (GCF) accreditation, making us the first and only commercial to achieve this milestone. The accreditation gives us access to USD 250 Million in GCF Funding to execute and implement climate-resilient projects in both mitigation and adaptation result areas.

We are the only private sector entity and a commercial bank to have secured exclusive approval from GCF board for the Pakistan Distributed Solar Project, a testament to our commitment towards sustainability. The PDSP initiative fortifies JS Bank’s renewable energy portfolio by mitigating associated risks. The project includes an array of compelling features:

  • Information Marketing & Awareness Campaigns
  • Promote Solar Solution lending to Women Entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated Gender Action Plan for this project for Gender mainstreaming
  • Capacity Building and Training sessions for Internal & External stakeholders on Renewable Energy

At our core, we believe in combatting climate change and creating opportunities for climate action. By investing with us and collaborating on sustainable projects, we can drive positive and create lasting value for Pakistan.

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