JS / Cash over Counter
This facility enables your loved ones to receive cash from JSBL branches across Pakistan:

  • Receiver’s account in JSBL is not required.
  • Instant cash over the counter payment of up to Rs. 700,000/-
  • Remittance reference number.
  • Original CNIC to be provided by the receiver/ beneficiary.
  • Valid Mobile number.

    In case of any query concerning home remittances, please contact our helpline & customer support team

    Helpline: +92 (21) 111-654-321

Q: How can I collect my COC payment from JSBL counter?

A: You can visit any JSBL branch with your Original CNIC and Unique Transaction Reference number in order to collect your COC payment.

Q: What are the identification mandatory documents for collecting my COC payment?

A: Any of the followings are the mandatory identification documents for collecting COC payment:

  • Original CNIC
  • Original NADRA Receipt – in case the customer has expired CNIC
  • Original Driving License – in case the customer has an expired CNIC
  • Original Pakistani Passport

Q: What details are required at the time of collecting my COC payment?

A: Beneficiary should be aware about the following details while collecting their COC payment:

  • Unique Transaction Reference number
  • Sender/ Remitter’s Name
  • Relationship with Sender / Remitter
  • Remitting Country
  • Expected amount in PKR

Q: Can I track the status of my COC transaction?

A: Yes, the status of COC transaction can be checked through JSBL Home Remittance Tracker via the appended hyperlink: https://jsbl.com/remittance-tracker/

Q: What are the Banking Service hours to collect my COC payment?

A: Beneficiary may collect the remittance from JSBL Branches under the following schedule:

  • From Monday to Thursday – 09:00 am till 05:30 pm
  • On Fridays – 09:00 am till -06:00 pm
  • On Saturdays- 09: 00 am till 01:30 pm (specific branches only)

Q: What is the procedure of name amendment/correction in case of incorrect name received from remitting end?

A: Amendment/Correction can only be made from remitting end (from where the transaction is initiated). This in better interest of the beneficiary/ customer.

Q: Who should I approach in case of any query/ complaint regarding my COC transaction?

A: In case of any query concerning home remittances, please contact our customer support
Toll Free:+92 (21) 111-654-321

Q: Can I receive SMS on my mobile phone once my COC payment is available in the system for collection?

A: Yes, if valid mobile number is received with the payment instructions from the remitting end, then SMS is sent once payment is available for collection.

Q: Do I need to perform Biometric verification for withdrawal of my COC payment?

A: Biometric verification is required for transactions PKR 500,000/- and above. However, Bank staff may conduct biometric verification if needed.

Q: Can any of my relative withdraw my COC payment from branch by presenting my Original CNIC/Passport?

A: No, COC payment can only be given to the Ultimate beneficiary of home remittance payment.

Q: What is the process of issuance of PRC/Remittance certificate?

A: Customer can submit PRC issuance request to his/her service providing bank.

Q: What Tax rate will be charged to cash withdrawal of COC payment?

A: All home remittance payments are exempted from any kind of taxes.

Q: If the beneficiary is expired, who can collect the remittance on his/her behalf?

A: In this scenario relatives of the beneficiary will contact the beneficiary bank.

Q: If the sender is sending the remittance in Cash over the counter mode, can the beneficiary collect the remittance from any other bank besides the beneficiary bank?

A: No, in cash over the counter mode, beneficiary can only collect the remittance from the beneficiary bank.

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