JS / Business / SME Banking / JS Khud Mukhtar


  • Setting up of a new business enterprise
  • Expansion of an existing one where the individual has been in business for at least one year
Finance up to PKR 500,000 Post Dated Cheques
Finance over PKR 500,000 Collateral in the form of land, gold, savings certificates, or any other tangible collateral as per Bank’s requirement
Disbursement until SBP refinances facility 1-Month KIBOR + 2% per annum (floating)
Thereafter 5% per annum
  • Pakistani national
  • Age: Minimum 18 years
  • Age: Maximum 60 years
  • National Tax Number (NTN)
  • Satisfactory credit history of existing bank borrowings
  • Financial ability to afford and repay finance

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