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Free Look Period

There is a thirty (30) days free look period after three days of deduction date in which you can cancel the plan and get your premium paid back. But remember, insurer or bank will not entertain any refund request(s) after the free look period, however plan can be cancelled at any time.


You can enroll in the plan from the age of 18 years till you are 64 years old and this plan will keep you protected until you attain 65 years of age.


This is an annual plan which provides you the full coverage for the period/term of one year.

Benefits & Premium

Category Death or Accidental Permanent Total Disability Benefit Annual Premium
Bronze PKR 250,000/- PKR 1,300
Silver PKR 5,00,000/- PKR 2,600
Gold PKR 750,000/- PKR 3,800
Platinum PKR 1,000,000/- PKR 5,000


EFU Cover Sheild is a pre-underwritten product, issued and subject to the terms and conditions set by EFU Life, having its principal office at Plot 112, 8th East Street, DHA Phase I, Karachi, Pakistan – 75500, EFU Cover Plan is only the name of the product and does not, in any way, indicate the quality of the product. Bank is acting as corporate insurance agent for the plans on behalf of EFU Life. Bank will not be responsible in any manner if your application or claim is rejected by EFU Life nor will investigate or provide any opinion on merits of the claim.

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