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Disclosure of Product

Allianz EFU – Health Protector is a simple and convenient plan that provides cashless based hospitalization coverage to you and your family (including parents), with class leading benefits depending on your plan, in a range of selected hospitals across the country.

Free Look Period

The policyholder can cancel this policy within Free look Period. The Free look period is fourteen (14) day period which commences on the day, the contract is concluded or the day, full policy terms and conditions are received by policy holder, whichever is the later.


3 Months to 60 Years of age.


One year and may be renewed every year

Minimum Premium

PKR 7,280/-

Maximum Premium

PKR 34,840/-


Plan Category Annual Limit
Silver 150,000
Gold 300,000
Platinum 500,000

Additional Benefits

In case of hospitalization, you can select any of the network hospitals to receive quality medical care without having to pay out-of-pocket.


JS Bank Limited (“Bank”) is acting as a distributor of this insurance policy under the Bancassurance agency agreement on behalf of Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited (“Insurance Company”) Policy will be underwritten and issued by Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited. Any claim liability arising out of this policy shall be directly reported to Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited.

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