JS / Roshan Digital Account / Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP)
  • Android and iOS-based mobile App for SDRP.
  • Available in both English and Urdu languages
  • Remitter can register as “primary user” and can add one SDRP beneficiary as secondary user. Remitter can add up to five receivers/beneficiaries for gaining points on their particulars/credentials in the system.
  • All eligible remittance transactions, under the applicable rules and regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan through banking system are eligible for awarding loyalty points.
  • Remitters shall be allocated with points against their remittance amount (PKR). These points can be redeemed through App enabled services, offered by participating partners (PSEs).
  • Financial institutions will share remittance transactions & RDA account files and their consumption of transactional data on daily basis.
  • Remittance received through MTOs/banks under PRI channel, remittances received through SWIFT in PKR non-repatriable accounts (person to person), non-repatriable local utilization from RDA PKR account and non-repatriable local utilization from RDA FCY accounts are eligible for SDRP.
  • “Self-Awarding” and “Auto Awarding” of points feature to ensure remitters shall get points on all their remittances. Complaint management system for timely resolution of problems.
  • Tier-based customer profiling Eligible Transactions for Points Awarding:
  • Remittances sent by an overseas Pakistani residents and received by Pakistani nationals in Pak Rupees bank account in Pakistan.
  • Remittances sent by an overseas Pakistani resident and received by Pakistani in cash PKR over the counter of authorized banks and exchange companies in Pakistan.
  • For more information please visit: https://1link.net.pk/sohni-dharti/

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