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  • Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Import Documentary Collections
  • FATR (Finance against Trust Receipt)
  • LC Advising
  • LC Confirmation
  • Bill Discounting
  • Export Documentary Collections
  • Forfaiting & Factoring
  • Tender/Bid Bonds
  • Performance
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Counter-Gurantees of the Correspondent banks
  • Other Guarantees
  • Buying / Selling of Foreign Exchange in major currencies
  • Foreign Exchange Futures / Forwards
  • Currency Swap
  • Fixed Income Products
  • Overdraft Facility
  • Term Loans
  • Fixed Income Product
  • Deposit Products

Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) through its circular dated 04th January 2021 has made it mandatory for all Cross-Border payments (inward & outward) to mention Purpose Code in all Swift Payment Messages (Field F77B: Regulatory Reporting). These codes can be viewed by clicking here Purpose Codes

JS Bank Bahrain is committed to maintaining the highest standards in preserving the privacy of its customers’ data, in line with the applicable data privacy laws.

Your Privacy is our priority!

For information on privacy-related matters, and to exercise your Data Privacy rights, feel free to contact the Data Privacy Coordinator at [email protected] (JS Bahrain Compliance) or visit our JS Bahrain branch

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