JS / JS Loan for HER
  • Lowest markup rate
  • Up to Rs. 500,000 free coverage for micro-critical illnesses
  • 50% waiver on processing fee
  • Flexible Tenure
In case you require additional financing later, JS Her Loan allows you the flexibility to enhance your loan amount based on your revised income and healthy repayment history.
  • Auto Debit with a personal account
  • Cheque
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Cash payment at branches
Gender Female only
Citizenship Pakistani national/Foreign national with a company letter of comfort
Age Min: 21 years & max: 60 years
Income Salaried: minimum gross monthly salary of Rs. 40,000/-

Self-Employed Professionals/Businesswomen: minimum monthly average balance of PKR. 100,000/-

Others: (Landlady/Housewive & Retired Individual) with consistent rental income/foreign remittances

  • Complete application form with signatures
  • Copy of CNIC 6-month bank statement (If required)
  • For Salaried Individuals – Salary Slip/Salary Certificate
  • For Self-employed businessmen and Self-employed professionals – Any Relevant Proof of Business Documents (Tax returns, NTN, Bank Certificate)
Visit your nearest JS Bank branch today or call now at 111-654-321.

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