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Invest in JS Roshan Equity Investment (English)


Invest in JS Roshan Equity Investment (Urdu)

# Broker Contact Website
Phone Email
1 JS Global Capital Limited 021-111-574-111, Ext. 4206 [email protected] http://www.jsgcl.com/
2 Abbasi & Company (Pvt) Limited 042-38302028, 042-32300180 [email protected], [email protected] https://www.abbasiandcompany.com
3 Alfalah CLSA Securities Limited 021-35645090-5, Ext. 312 [email protected] https://www.alfalahclsa.com/
4 Arif Habib Corporation Limited 021-111-245-111, Ext. 702 [email protected] https://arifhabibltd.com/
5 BMA Capital Management Limited 021-111-262-111, Ext. 2071 [email protected] https://bmacapital.com/
6 Darson Securities Limited 021-111-900-400, Ext. 156 [email protected] http://darsononline.com
7 Ktrade Securities Limited [email protected]
[email protected]
8 MRA Securities Limited 021-32460707 [email protected] http://mra.com.pk/
9 Munir Khanani Securities Limited 021-32460707 [email protected]
[email protected]
10 Zahid Latif Securities  Limited 021-36490034, Ext. 304 & 302 [email protected] http://zlksec.com/

Disclaimer: JS Bank bears no responsibility for any action of the above Brokerage Companies and their research reports. The analysis and recommendation in the research reports are of the Brokerage firms themselves respectively, thus JS Bank does not recommend any investment decision based on them. Customers are requested to take their own investment decisions, based on all investment factors.

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Q1. What is JS Roshan Digital Account?

Q2. Which brokers are currently offering JS Roshan Equity Investment accounts for JS Roshan Digital Account holders?

Q3. What kind of investments can I opt for via the JS Roshan Digital Account?

Q4. What is JS Roshan Equity Investment account and what is its purpose?

Q5. What is UIN and its purpose?

Q6. How can I start investing in Pakistan Stock Market if I have a JS Roshan Digital Account?

Q7. What happens after I provide the above?

Q8. What are NCCPL’s charges and how do I pay them?

Q9. How do I pay the broker’s commission?

Q10. How do I receive my corporate action entitlements?

Q11. How do I Initiate my first trade/purchase transaction?

Q12. What is a Custody Account and what is its purpose?

Q13. How long after my purchase will I receive the shares in my CDC account?

Q14. How many CDC accounts can an RDA account holder have?

Q15. Which RDA account will be used while Opening a CDC Account?

Q16. What is the process for creating a REI account?

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