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Gold Variants

Customers can avail Gold Biscuits / Bullions based on the following weights available at the vendor(s), all of which are certified and guaranteed with 999.0% purity.

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Why invest in JS MyGold?

At JS Bank, we offer the best quality and pure 24k gold biscuits and bullions, sourced from trusted and reliable partners who ensure authenticity, premium quality, and 100% gold denominations under the consumer prudential regulation of the State Bank of Pakistan.

Lock your gold price today and enjoy the convenience of buying gold on easy installments with JS MyGold. Start your gold investment journey today and secure your financial future.


Convert your savings to gold!

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  • Pakistani national
  • Age – Minimum 18 years, Maximum 65 years
  • JS Bank Account holder
  • Satisfactory credit history of existing bank borrowings
  • Financial ability to afford and repay finance

Q. What is eligibility criteria?

A. Any individual who is a resident Pakistani and CNIC holder aged between 18-65 years.

Q. What security / collateral needs to be provided for JS MyGold?

A. Pledge of Gold Bullion being financed with Bank till repayment of finance.

Q. What is the minimum income requirement for availing this facility?

A. There is no minimum income requirement; however, the limit will be assigned after assessing the repayment capacity of the borrower.

Q. What is the maximum loan amount?

A. Driven by Loan to Value Ratio. Up to Rs. 5.0 Million (Industry aggregate)

Q. What is the financing amount / limit offered under JS MyGold?

A. 1 Tola to 10 Tolas – Up to Rs. 5.0 Million (Industry aggregate)

Q. What is Mark-up rate on JS MyGold?

A. 1 year KIBOR + 5% Spread

Q. What is the tenor of loan?

A. 6 Months – 4 Years

Q. What is the processing fee for JS MyGold?

A. Min Rs. 3,000 to a maximum of Rs. 16,000

Q. Can the loan be paid before its tenor? And is there any early payment charges?

A. 2%-3% of the outstanding principal (Maximum Rs. 18,000)

Q. What is the frequency of repayment?

A. Monthly installment plan

Q. What is the procedure of release of security / collateral to the borrower after the loan is fully settled?

A. On repayment of all outstanding liabilities / Markup and any other charges, the Gold Bullions held as security will be returned to the borrower.

Q. Should I have an account in JS Bank to avail the service?

A. A customer should have an account in JS Bank to avail the service.

Q. Who should I contact if I wish to avail this financing scheme?

A. Visit any authorized JS Bank branch and approach Relationship Manager – JS MyGold or Branch Manager/Branch Operations Manager. You may also Call at our Helpline Number (021)111-654-321 or WhatsApp on JS Bot (0348-7003000).

Q. What are the available Gold Bullion Denominations?

A. 1 Tola, 5 Tolas & 10 Tolas

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